A dog collected by an association in 2017 is still waiting for his new family


It is not easy for an animal to feel lonely and never know the love of a family. Sue, a dog rescued in the Bath area of England, lives in a shelter… since 22 August 2017.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) saved the beautiful Sue from a life of misery, 4 years ago. She was found wandering the street, when she was still just a puppy.”

Today, the brindle coated canid is still in the hands of the staff of the shelter in which it was placed, the Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Since 2017, 941 of his kennel mates have been adopted, BBC reports. Although she is portrayed as a cuddly, gentle and intelligent creature, she is considered Britain’s most undesirable dog, according to itv.


Questions about the color of the coat

Despite her many qualities, Sue has difficult behaviors . His benefactors hope to find an experienced owner, who would be happy to continue his training. We all love him and love to take him for walks, but we’re desperate to find him his own home,” said Rachel Jones, director of the shelter.

Sue, 4 years old, has always known the walls of the kennel. Members of the charity are unable to explain why she can’t find a shoe to her feet. Rachel Jones revealed that studies conducted by the RSPCA have shown that dogs with brindle hair take about 36% longer to be adopted than others. Is the color of the fur a factor that would put off potential adopters?”

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Anyway, the association desperately renews its call to help Sue integrate a loving home forever. She walks well on a leash and would like an active home where she can enjoy regular long walks,” Jones added. She is very affectionate, loves to snuggle up on the couch with you and play.”

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