Saved before he became a fighting dog, this dog’s ears bear traces of his past

A female dog was found with her ears wrapped in duct tape. This widespread practice was done in anticipation of making him a fighting dog.

The female Pitbull puppy’s painful past dates back to 2011. She was then tied to a tree . His ears had been covered with duct tape which was supposed to cause them to rot. This operation is unfortunately performed far too often and its purpose is to make dogs’ ears easier to cut, using a simple razor or scissors.

The puppy would have ended up as a fighting dog if a charitable soul hadn’t notified the Tampa Bay SPCA .

After seeing the TV report telling the story of the little dog , Kelli Chickos was not thinking of adopting her yet. But, although her family is used to caring for senior dogs , the fate of the animal, who will be christened Nikki , has moved Chickos deeply.

At an event hosted by the SPCA Tampa Bay, Chickos met Nikki . Instinctively, she understood that the bitch would find her place with her. Officers warned it was still too early to consider adoption as the animal’s wounds were still healing.

Back home, Chickos sewed toys and ear protectors for Nikki , she tells Dodo . It was this gift that decided the shelter to call Chickos a week later to tell him that the animal would be entrusted to him.

Between Nikki and the other Pitbull inhabitants of the house of Chickos, the understanding goes smoothly. The bitch has not lost her hearing, but her mistress must protect her from the sun and the rain since she no longer has her ears.

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Today, Nikki has grown up and is taking on the role of ambassador for the Pitbulls at shelter animal adoption events.


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