This dog and baby have a lovely time every day, right after a nap (Video)

Dodger was impatient to finally meet his new family member: Everett the baby. And from the moment the latter arrived home, the dog took on the role of the big brother. Infants and animals even have their little habits now.

Everett was born a few weeks premature. He therefore had to stay in the hospital longer than expected. Dodger must have been patient , but he seemed to realize that something important was happening. When the baby finally arrived home, the dog instantly slipped into the big brother’s skin, caring and protective.

Everett has grown up well and is in very good health. Dodger is there to support each of his progress. The child and the dog are so close that they have their little ritual associated with the nap .

When the infant falls asleep, the quadruped does the same by lying at the foot of his bed. As soon as his little brother wakes up and starts to cry , Dodger stands up on his hind legs and gives him a comforting kiss . This is shown in the video below, posted by Jessie Klorman on Facebook:

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