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have both shelter and private space, and the dog kennel plays an important role in daily life. What are the specific functions of the niche? How to choose it?


dog niche: what’s its use? What materials are selected according to the niche selection criteria? The size of the kennel what is the size of the outside of the kennel and the inside of the kennel?

because the dog is a territorial animal, it needs its own space. He must be able to have it completely. When he wants to rest, he must be able to take refuge there, away from rain and sunshine, or just to seek comfort. The kennel is this place, this paradise of peace. In order for your four legged partner to find the protection and comfort they need there, you have the responsibility to choose the most suitable model and the best quality.

kennel: what’s its use?

kennel is not only a shelter for quadrupeds, it has different functions.

first of all, it is the territory that dogs need to occupy. He must be able to settle down there as he pleases and not be disturbed. Like the basket inside, the kennel is also its outer corner. Please note that there is also interior design. We will discuss further in the relevant sections.

then, the kennel is obviously used to resist the weather and cold.

finally, it is the observation point of animals. If it is required to stand guard,

niche selection criteria, what materials should be selected?

has a variety of kennel designs, which vary according to, inter Alia, the materials of its design. Each of these materials has its unique properties and advantages and disadvantages.

plastic or PVC kennels are usually cheaper, lighter (and therefore easier to transport) and washable. However, their durability is low and their insulation capacity is quite weak. Wooden kennels are considered more robust and can effectively withstand harsh weather conditions, provided that they have been treated (updated once a year). It is not easy to clean unless its roof is removable. In contrast, it provides better thermal insulation, keeping warm in winter and fresh in summer.


and fabric dog niches look like tents. They are basically prepared for indoor dogs, providing them with more comfortable shelters.

kennel size

one of the most obvious kennel selection criteria is size. The size of the niche must match the size of the dog.


cannot be too large or too narrow. This actually means that the dog must be able to sleep and turn around easily. At the same time, it should not be too big, otherwise it will be too cold and feel unsafe.

outdoor kennel

the most classic and common purpose of kennel is to put it outside. There are many possibilities.

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. According to your budget and wishes, you can also let your dog enjoy more small things, such as terrace, small fence in front of niche and even some decorations.Nimal feels good there and is effectively protected.

in any case, the niche must be raised

in order to be isolated from the ground (cold, wet…) and comfortable, and add a soft and spacious bed, But not too much: the dog must be able to change its position and feel that it is strong in a protective cocoon. It can effectively protect the dog from the weather, sunshine, heat and cold. It is easy to clean and maintain. It must be placed in the right position: away from the wind, not passing by, Let the dog see what happened instead of being isolated at the bottom of the garden. Indoor niche

for the education of anxious dogs or puppies, indoor niches are a solution often considered by dog owners.

the purpose here is obviously not to protect animals from bad weather, because the family will take care of them. On the contrary, it provides a more comfortable and safer space than the basket.

some of these indoor kennels are simple side wall and roof structures, Others are more refined designs: integrated with large furniture or embedded under stairs, niche / cage combination, etc.

for more information, please refer to our article “is indoor kennel really useful? The layout of


have two main kennel families on the roof; This may be inclined, inverted V, or flat. On most flat top models, the flat top can be removed to facilitate access to the groove for cleaning. The advantage of the dog niche on the

sloping roof is that it can effectively drain rainwater and reduce the risk of infiltration under weather conditions.

on the inverted V-shaped roof model, Water flows to both sides through double slopes.

also have some more imaginative circular or conical roof designs. For example,

in order to improve the thermal insulation of the kennel, it is recommended to raise it. If this is not the case at first, it can still be placed on bricks or boards.

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finally, in order to better protect dogs from cold and bad weather, add: A transparent tarpaulin, even a sloping door.

makes its own kennel?

if you have your own ideas and a little time, you can build a niche for your dog.

you must carefully choose the correct location and materials, and then follow the different steps explained in another article on this topic: build a niche for your dog.

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