Teach his dog to bark

Do you want to teach your dog to bark? If you give your four legged friend enough time, attention and patience, the process is simple. On the other hand, if this animal is more like a “quiet” animal, you may feel tired and ask it unnecessarily.


barks more than others. Why teach its dog to bark? A simple way to teach him how to bark

. You can think that all dogs bark naturally, so they don’t need encouragement. However, in practice, some people do it less spontaneously, while others are sometimes a little too noisy. In both cases, learning on-demand barking can provide a usually effective solution. How? Here’s how to do it. Kdspe dogs bark more than other kdsp dogs. Some dogs bark more than others. This characteristic is related to both temperament and race. For example, wolves and shepherds are more vocal than greyhounds. Most flat headed dogs (carlins, Japanese hounds, Knight King Charles Spaniel, English Bulldog) or bassengi are probably the quietest of the breeds. The second kind of dog is more difficult to teach them to bark as ordered. Sometimes this is even impossible and unnecessary.

for others, it takes only a few conversations and some patience to achieve satisfactory results.

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of course, you can choose to let your dog express itself and bark freely when needed, provided that this will not affect your cohabitation and the peace of your neighbors. However, for various reasons, you may prefer to teach your dog to bark according to orders.

first, it is a kind of learning like other learning, which improves the obedience and interaction between the owner and the dog.

second, Teaching his partner to bark can help him overcome shyness if he is a conservative type. Finally, this is a contradictory exercise to guide the dog to bark excessively.

is a simple way to teach him how to bark

. First, you must determine a sound or action to make him bark in a natural way. For example, this might be a doorbell.


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to click to educate his dog, and then you just operate the doorbell and issue a “bark” command to it. Repeat several times, each time he rings the doorbell and barks (don’t forget the password), give him a candy and congratulate him. The purpose is to let the dog finally establish a connection between the phonetic teaching of “barking” and barking. You can combine a gesture with sound to help him understand better. In the next course of treatment, gradually stop using the doorbell. In the end, your dog barks only when you command. He reduced his food bit by bit, but continued to congratulate him every time he obeyed.

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