Dog’s anti-theft Necklace

Illustration : "Le collier anti-fugue pour chien" and

are loved by some dog owners and criticized by other dog owners. In some cases, anti Fugue necklaces may be useful. It can prevent dogs from running away, but it may not correct this behavior problem. Here are some elements that let you have your own opinion on this problem.


escape, which is a long-term problem for some dogs. Some dogs escape more than others: a virtual

fence The advantage of the dog’s anti escape necklace is to prevent the dog from leaving without installing a physical fence. However, when the animal is not enough to accommodate the animal, some owners will use it on the animal (the fence is too low or the fence spacing is too large). Generally speaking, anti escape necklace is considered as a medium and short-term solution to the problem of escape. Let’s look at its main aspects. Running away from home is a long-term problem for some

dogs. Running away from home is an occasional or frequent problem for many dog owners. It brings pain to the dog’s family because of its risk and danger. It usually causes panic when the disappearance time is prolonged. On the other hand, if the owner is too used to repeated escape and does not take action to stop it, this may also become a problem, because one escape is likely to end in a tragic way.

in many dog breeds, some breeds run more than others, Some people are thought to run away from home more than others. Of course, this is a common feature that does not necessarily apply to all dogs belonging to these breeds, but it is often observed. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about “primitive” dogs of

Asian descent, such as Akita and Shiva, show some independence, which may force them to leave their homes. The same is true of some sled dogs, such as the malamut of Alaska and the husky of Siberia. Different kinds of wolf dogs (salroth or Czechoslovak) are also part of dogs that may be tempted by a separate solar eclipse. Finally, many hounds report themselves by running away: Beagle, French and Breton hounds, Billy…

running dogs may run away for various reasons: fear (loud noise), boredom, proximity to hot females, etc.

Anti Fugue Necklace: a virtual

fence. In order to prevent these escapes, anti Fugue necklace is one of the solutions available in the dog accessories market.

this device is called anti Fugue necklace, but it can also be called invisible or virtual fence, That’s how it works.

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kit includes a necklace with a shell and a radio cable usually more than 1000 meters long. The latter are deployed and buried to determine the boundaries that dogs should not risk crossing. Therefore, this is a kind of barrier, which can not be seen by animals, but can be felt through electrostatic discharge. When it is close to the necklace, electrostatic discharge will be automatically triggered through the necklace. The flow and perimeter are adjustable, allowing the owner to adjust as needed. “

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