Fundraising is launched for Gamelle, the application deciphering your pet’s food

Illustration : "La levée de fonds est lancée pour Gamelle, l’application décryptant les aliments de votre animal de compagnie "

Gamelle is the first mobile application delivering reliable and complete information on what your pet eats. The project is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign.”

Last month, we told you about Gamelle, this mobile application that provides you with valuable information about the composition of the food you buy for your dog or cat.”

In order to develop and extend its functionality, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on the Wedogood platform. The goal to be achieved is the sum of €50,000.”

The application allows, by scanning the barcode of the food product intended for your pet, to access complete and reliable information about it. You will know precisely what the food contains, but also the dosage adapted to your companion according to his profile (activity, breed, weight, sterilized or not …).”

Created by Ivan Jouravleff and his Lyon start-up Vetools, Gamelle is based on a database comprising 1500 references and which is enriched in particular thanks to users.”

In addition, the project can help influence agri-food companies to change their offer and practices, for a real impact on the health of [your] animal, but also of the planet, explains Ivan Jouravleff.”

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Depending on the amount invested in this crowdfunding, the contributor can hope for a very interesting return on investment, perceived quarterly for 5 years. It is possible to calculate the estimate on the jackpot page.”

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