Make a biscuit dispenser for his dog

Illustration : "Fabriquer un distributeur de croquettes pour son chien"

what if you decide to make one yourself instead of buying a croquet machine for your pet? Nothing is easier than this, because this technique only uses 2 bottles.


what’s the use of dog biscuit dispenser? Cut the materials required for the first bottle cut the second bottle and assemble two

bottles. If you are absent for a short time, you can install a masticator for your dog so that he can eat independently. This is a tutorial that allows you to make one at home without effort or expense. What’s the use of

dog biscuit dispenser?

provides a biscuit dispenser for dogs, which can be particularly useful when you have to leave for a period of time (this is only a short-term solution) and no one feeds your dog when you leave. In fact, this device allows the dog to provide food almost at will after filling the water tank (pay attention to the appropriate amount). Of course, it can only be used with dry food.

in the market, the dog food machine may cost dozens of euros. It’s possible to do one at home. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it’s easy. Of course, the homemade biscuit dispenser we provide here does not allow precise dosage and is not programmable, just like some commercial devices, but it can provide you with valuable services when you leave for a short time.

it is economical, Because it requires very little hardware and is very easy to implement. Just follow these steps to make it.

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materials needed to make this biscuit dispenser. You only need 2 bottles, preferably square or small cans.

their cutting requires a simple scissors or cutting machine.

cuts the first

bottle onto the first bottle, Cut a circle at the top to insert the bottleneck of the second


, always put it on the first bottle, and cut the bottom on the same side containing the circle to form a shovel or display stand. Start from the center and form a square that extends to the bottom of the bottle. Therefore, the height of the display wall gradually decreases. In this section, your dog will eat his cookies.

cuts the second bottle in half. The lower part will be filled with springs, so it will be used as a container.

insert the two halves of the second bottle, one of which with a neck will be inserted into the circle of the first bottle.

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assembly of 2 bottles

Insert the housing formed by the two halves of the second cylinder into the threaded hole of the first cylinder and insert it into the neck. In this way, the pie in the jar can be poured out of the bottleneck and hole, and then dropped onto the display rack that your dog will use.

when the dog eats the pie, others will come down from the jar and enter the display rack.

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