11 photos of dogs taken in the most beautiful places in the world

A photographer decides to adopt refuge dogs and take them on a world tour in photos. Here is a selection of his best shots.

Anne Geier is a photographer originally from Austria but who travels all over the world. When Finn and Yuri’s fate crossed his own, Geier decided to adopt them, give them a good life and a wonderful trip around the world.

Here are 11 photos of Finn and Yuri visiting some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

1. The world belongs to him and he is ready to jump to touch the sky.

2. This dog will have been in the most beautiful places in the world

3. Finn and Yuri walking in distant waters after having covered miles and miles in the company of their owner

4. Every night, this dog gets drunk on the firmament that is offered to him

5. Travelers start their days with the first rays of the sun in order to see the world under the softest light.

6. Get drunk on the sweet scent of flowers before resuming games and races

7. A small boat trip with best friends

8. The mountains hold no secrets for him who is not on his first hike

9. Rolling around in a field of flowers can only do good

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10. Warming up under the covers and in front of a campfire after adventurous days

11. A breathtaking view, immortalized by a great lover of dogs and photography


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