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, you have a dog and are considering adopting a cat? Many people believe that the coexistence of the two species is complex. Don’t get me wrong. You just need to be prepared for yourself and for the encounter of the two protagonists. Learn how to keep your dog and cat together.

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dog and cat: animals seem to separate safely when they meet for the first time to prevent conflict

Keeping your dog and cat together is a task, and its success depends on the beginning of their first face-to-face contact.

dog and cat: animals seem to be separated.

we won’t tell you that dogs and cats are very different creatures. There are many things that can distinguish them, starting with body language.

for example, a dog wags its tail when it is happy, while a cat is usually angry (or when it is curious, depending on its overall posture). Or, when the dog wants to play, it will raise its claws, while the cat shows that it is willing to keep a distance from another kind. Therefore, you must learn to decipher these codes. These codes are different in the two species, which have been used to contact with humans for thousands of years. The behavior of


is also different. In general, cats are more independent than dogs, although some breeds of dogs are known for their susceptibility to this personality trait.

the difference between dogs and cats is also physical. The dog is obviously advantageous in this regard because it is bigger and stronger. Of course, unless you face Kuhn, Maine with a Chihuahua or a short Spitz.

in any case, it is best for dogs and cats to meet at a very young age to promote their coexistence. However, even if one of them is an adult, it may promote their understanding.

safe first meeting

safety is essential at the first face-to-face meeting between your dog and cat. First of all, it is recommended not to leave them alone without your supervision. Monitor meetings, but don’t intervene too often. Our goal is that if you think your dog is a threat to cats, or on the contrary,

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animals should not feel locked up. Each of them must be able to escape when needed. Indeed, dogs are afraid of cats. The owner must be aware that fear may lead to aggressive behavior if there is no place for animals to escape.

in order to ensure the safety of the meeting, wearing a mask is an option. This is even a suggestion, because you can’t predict the dog’s response to an animal he doesn’t know, especially when it is frightened by its actions or barks.

you shouldn’t force your dog and cat close. Let everyone have enough time to adapt to each other’s presence, smell and gestures.

. When your dog and cat get along well, don’t forget to reward your dog with candy.

prevent conflict

, Prevent conflicts and be careful not to overlap. In fact, this is equivalent to preventing the cat from entering the dog’s basket and vice versa. Both animals have obvious territorial instincts.


separate their food from water. Don’t let them eat and drink in the same placeDining areas must be separated. Dogs will certainly be attracted by cat food, because cat food is self-help, so you must put the cat’s food corner where dogs can’t enter. Then, bit by bit, if you see the agreement reached, you can put them together at dinner.


give everyone due love and attention. Don’t make a dog or cat feel abandoned. In order to maximize your chances of cohabitation and avoid the pressure it brings to your animals, you can use the Soothing Essential Oil Diffuser


. In order to make all these measures work perfectly, the socialization of dogs and cats is an indispensable prerequisite. You should be used to your dog meeting the same species and individuals of other species at a very young age. Cats must also undergo appropriate social activities in order to maintain a good relationship with all new family members. “

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