These 10 dogs and their owners have mastered the art of the selfie

Dog owners have mastered the art of taking selfies with their pets. This is what we can realize by discovering these photos.

While cats are notoriously disliked posing for selfies, dogs seem to have a different take on the matter. Indeed, these canine owners have something to brag about with their portraits in the company of their 4-legged companions, thus giving rise to very funny photos.

Here are 10 photos of dogs and their owners who love and take a selfie.

1. This Siberian Husky and his owner managed to synchronize their enthusiastic expression for the photo

2. The theme of the photo is based on the jaded gaze of the dog and his mistress

3. These 2 friends explore the different possibilities offered by selfies and have fun making faces

4. A perfect harmony that begins as soon as you wake up and even before you get out of bed.

5. This man will have to keep his veterinary cone as long as his dog because he has promised not to leave him alone.

6. The synchronization of grimaces is to be applauded

7. We can say that these 2 have been found well

8. They first tried the selfie of the one who had just heard a strange noise before moving on to something much more joyful.

9. A big smile for everyone who sees this funny selfie

10. The joys of taking a selfie with your dog who thinks he’s a real gangster


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