Protect his dog from the cold

Illustration : "Protéger son chien du froid"

if your dog is more resistant to cold than humans, if you don’t follow some suggestions, your dog may experience a complex winter. Yes, your dog will tremble, freeze and tingle in the cold winter air. Our suggestions and skills to avoid colds.


the inequality of dogs in the face of cold, let them wear warm clothes to adapt to going out, adjust their diet, adjust your dog’s lifestyle, which is summarized as

, Dogs are more resistant to cold than humans. However, you should not make a mistake. Your dog may catch a cold and get sick. The decrease of temperature will attack his body, and low temperature will also lead to his death in extreme cases.

which dogs are most sensitive to cold? How to protect them effectively? Here are some tips to help you protect the health of your four legged friends in particularly cold weather.

dogs’ inequality in the face of cold

it is obvious that not all dogs can face the cold equally. Some varieties have thick fur, usually twice that of long haired varieties (fur and inner hair), so it can better prevent the temperature from falling. Sled dogs, such as Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamut and Samoyed, have a long and thick coat, which provides them with excellent protection.

that’s why they evolved in heavy snow and cold without soot blowing. Other dogs, such as Caucasian shepherds and Tibetan dogs, also have good resistance to the cold. In contrast, short haired or Ras breeds (Greyhound, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, bulldog, German dog…) are much less tolerant to low temperatures and therefore require additional protection. The age and health status of dogs also determine their resistance to cold: a puppy or an old dog is more vulnerable than a fully capable adult.

asks them to wear warm clothes

. In cold weather, it is necessary to cover dogs with blankets in order to protect their bodies. There are many coats specially designed for dog’s gent on the market. The choice is very diverse and the size is suitable for different types of dogs.

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. In case of snow or ice, dog shoes may also be necessary. On these frozen surfaces, animals that have evolved for a long time are likely to be hurt by the mat, which needs to be dressed. It is also recommended to apply protective balm or Vaseline on the mat. Leg protection measures are particularly important because the road service department covers snow or frozen roads and sidewalks with salt, which will also erode the subgrade. The

adjusts the

exit in cold winter, It is recommended to shorten the walking time, but do not cancel it. If dogs should not be deprived of daily outdoor activities to enable them to consume, meet needs, stimulate and ventilate, their exposure to cold hazards should be reduced by shortening walking time. You can compensate by playing more with your pets.

, most importantly, consider wiping it clean and drying it, especially its claws.

adjusts their diet

food is part of your dog’s lifestyle. If your dog stays indoors all winter, you have no reason to increase his diet. On the contrary, it will only increase his weight because he won’t spend more or less money. To better withstand the cold, if your dog is usually outdoors, you need a higher protein and calorie diet. In general, it is recommended to increase the daily food consumption of outdoor dogs by a quarter.

for water, plastic bowls are more popular than stainless steel bowls because the liquid freezes more slowly.

Your dog’s lifestyle

if your dog is used to your living room carpet or family sofa, he should not like to go out in negative temperature. Yes, dogs who live in apartments or are used to living indoors are sensitive to cold.

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on the contrary, dogs used to living outdoors, such as German shepherds, do not feel the effects of cold. For the latter, please consider isolating their kennel and adapting it to the size of your dog.

in short,

your dog should be less crowded in winter, at least better than you. For long haired dogs, there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, properly protect your short dog or furry dog. Coat, food, mat, walking, everything must be considered according to your dog’s lifestyle.

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