Dog frightened by train, jumps into lake and gets stuck in a yard of mud

On March 22, in a village in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, a stray dog got stuck in about three feet of cold, muddy water. Frightened and exhausted, firefighters attempted to extricate him from his deadly blanket.

The ice in the Wisconsin area lakes recently melted, much to this Labradoodle’s chagrin. While trotting on a train track, the 3-year-old male was frightened by an oncoming train, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel . He immediately took his paws to his neck. In an excess of panic, he unfortunately rushed into the muddy bed of one of these famous lakes.

When the rescue team, led by Andy Norris , arrived around 4 p.m., the quadruped was shaking all over and looking restless.

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The importance of the microchip and the collar

Andy Norris ‘ group of 3 professionals used a rope and harness to safely extract the mired Labradoodle. Once out of the water, the survivor was taken care of by the Association for the Protection of Animals in Waukesha (HAWS).

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Andres Garcia , the association’s field services manager, assured that the dog found its owner the same day, in particular thanks to its electronic chip. He encouraged all owners to put a collar around the neck of their pets, with their name and phone number written on it.

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