A family promises a reward of more than 10,000 euros to recover its French Bulldog kidnapped by an armed individual

CBS Los Angeles

As she finished shopping, a family was threatened by armed individuals who left with her dog, a young French Bulldog. Devastated, his owners try everything for the whole to find him.”

Elani Nguyen is inconsolable. The 8-year-old girl is deprived of her friend Seven, brutally snatched last weekend. The 5-month-old French Bulldog had been given to him by his mother, Jasmin Valencia, at Christmas.”

On Saturday, March 20, Jasmin Valencia and her daughter went to a supermarket in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. They were accompanied by the young woman’s brother and Seven.”

With the races over, Elani Nguyen’s uncle went out with the dog to get back to the car, while the child and his mother were at the checkout. According to the police, the kidnappers of the puppy had already spotted the family inside the supermarket.”

” I have the impression that they took my child

The 2 individuals followed Jasmin Valencia’s brother and, before he could get into the vehicle, they threatened him with a gun. They then left with Seven.”

I feel like it’s my child, I feel like they took my child,” Jasmin Valencia told CBS Los Angeles.

Los Angeles police investigators are trying to identify and locate the suspects. For her part, the mother of the family promised a reward of $ 12,000, or a little more than 10,000 euros, in the hope of finding her animal.

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Theft of dogs of armed hand breed are more and more common in the Californian metropolis, find the authorities. We remember in particular the violent abduction of lady Gaga’s 2 French Bulldogs last month. An attack during which the walker of the canids had been wounded by bullets.”

The singer and actress’ dogs were found safe and sound a few days later.

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