The amazing green color of the fur of this Saint-Bernard equipped with a collar, explained by a scientist

Dr. Stephanie Olson / Twitter

The mistress of a St. Bernard dog was surprised when she saw a green coloration appear around the neck of the animal, freshly operated. It didn’t take long for her to find an explanation for this phenomenon.”

Astrobiologist, Dr. Stephanie Olson is also the owner of a female St. Bernard named Olive. She was far from expecting that the dog would also have the color, as reported by The Indian Express.”

Dr Stephanie Olson/Twitter

Olive had recently been operated. She therefore had to wear a veterinary collar to prevent her from licking or scratching the wound, so that the healing of the wound was optimal. The next morning, the dog’s mistress was surprised when she realized that, around her neck, her coat had turned green.”

She expressed her astonishment in a tweet on July 18. In his publication, one can clearly see the large green spot at the base of his neck, on either side of the veterinary cone. I was alarmed when I discovered that my dog had turned green during the night, can we also read from the scientist. She explains that, initially, she had no idea what could be at the origin of this phenomenon, but that she had finally found the answer.”

I was alarmed to discover that my dog turned GREEN overnight. I had no idea why. But it turns out that, as an early Earth geochemist, I was perfectly prepared to find out! ????

— Dr. Stephanie Olson (ExoStephO) July 18, 2021 The chemical reaction of a compound present in saliva

She provided her explanations in other tweets published later. According to Dr. Stephanie Olson, it was olive’s saliva that had to be dug. The latter contains, in fact, porphyrin which, normally, oxidizes in contact with air and produces a rusty color. In this case, however, the saliva flowed over areas with little oxygen, because hidden by the belt of the veterinary collar. Which, combined with the humidity, gave rise to this green coloration. So it’s just a chemical reaction.”

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And the staining along her neck transitioned from rusty red on her chin to rusty green thanks to the combination of her unusually moist neck environment and sustained isolation from oxygen in the air—both symptoms of the cone.

— Dr. Stephanie Olson (ExoStephO) July 18, 2021

On the other hand, olive’s owner does not know how to effectively clean this stain on her dog’s coat. She also asked her followers for tips.”

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