9 cute puppies trying to climb a step

Climbing the stairs is a big ordeal for the puppies. These photos show them doing their first tests.

A puppy is such a small creature that walking up a staircase is equivalent to climbing a mountain . Watching them do all they can to achieve this is an absolutely heartwarming sight. Especially since we know that one day, they will get so tall that they will be climbing up and down the stairs in no time.

Here are 9 photos of puppies trying to climb the stairs.

1. This tiny Dachshund gives his owner a desperate look to help him out

2. This lovely little Welsh Corgi Pembroke is at the bottom of the stairs, observing his height and the number of steps he would have to climb to get to the top.

3. This Bulldog is so small that he cannot use the stair step other than to stand up and try to see what is upstairs.

4. A litter of French Bulldog puppies who have each managed to position themselves on a step of the stairs, but who can no longer go higher

5. The competition is tough for these 2 Husky puppies who are each trying to get ahead of the other.

6. This little puppy has no choice but to sit back and admire the view

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7. The determination of this Beagle can be read on his face

8. A Golden Retriever mother accompanying her little one in one of her many small victories

9. As for going down the stairs, that’s another matter …


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