17 beautiful portraits of dogs attentive to their owner

Dogs have an incredibly expressive look and that’s also why we love them. The canine portraits made by a German photographer are the best proof of this.

Elke Vogelsang is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Hildesheim , near Hanover, Germany.

This artist specializes in animal portraits, including dogs, cats and horses. However, most of the pictures she has taken are of canines.

You can find her work on her website, as well as her Facebook page, followed by 64,000 subscribers, and her Instagram account, which totals nearly 170,000.

As a pet photographer (when I’m not confined) I meet a lot of different dogs. I would like to share this good mood with you to brighten up your day, ”she explains to Bored Panda .

Elke Vogelsang thus strives to capture through his lens the depth and expressiveness that characterize the gaze of dogs when they are attentive. Here are 17 of those photos:

1. Here is Django the Basenji, who tilts his head to better understand what he sees

2. This truffle belongs to Scout, a Spanish Greyhound

3. Ernie the Beagle loves to appear out of nowhere

4. Meet Mila, the adorable Miniature Pinscher

5. He is Karlo the Little Münster Spaniel

6. Here is Cooper the Labrador Retriever and his magnificent eyes

7. The smile of Phoebe, female Parson Russell Terrier, leaves no one indifferent

8. Finley, the short-haired Hungarian Pointer cross, would like to understand what is going on.

9. Püppi the Bull Terrier is equally puzzled

10. Ansgar only thinks of one thing: to play!

11. Finja, she doesn’t seem really convinced by what she hears

12. Nala is a young Labrador Retriever learning to be a service dog.

13. How to resist the boils of this French Bulldog called Louie?

14. Toffie the English Cocker Spaniel can’t believe his eyes

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15. Eddie the English Bulldog can’t believe it either

16. Lemondrop the Dalmatian is very curious

17. Like Quinoa, the Doberman Pinscher


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