Rescue of a dog that fell into a 6-meter well in Catalonia

Ajuntament de Blanes / Twitter

In a Catalan town, firefighters intervened to rescue a dog that had fallen into a well several meters deep. The rescue operation was successful, with the animal returned unharmed, but in shock, to its owner.

A dog was rescued by Catalan firefighters after falling to the bottom of a well , as reported by L’Indépendant .

The incident took place this Wednesday (March 4, 2020) in the early afternoon in Blanes , a Spanish town located about 80 km from the French border. The quadruped thus ended up in this well 6 meters deep , filled with water and located in an agricultural area near the Tordera river.

Unable to recover it himself, the owner of the animal notified the emergency services. It was first police officers from the local brigade who arrived on the scene, before being quickly joined by 4 firefighters . One of the latter is lowered to the bottom of the well by means of a ladder and secured by the ropes held by his colleagues. He was thus able to reach the dog’s level and take it in his arms before bringing it safely to the surface.

Although a little groggy after all this time spent at the bottom of the well, the dog is in good health . He was immediately handed over to his master.

Subsequently, a security perimeter was installed around the structure to prevent further mishaps of this kind.

The municipality of Blanes posted the video of the rescue on its Twitter account:

Policia Local de @Blanes_cat i @bomberscat han rescatat sa i estalvi a gos that havia caigut into an acute louse a la zona agrícola, als afores del nucli urbàhttps: //

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– Ajuntament de Blanes (@Blanes_cat) March 4, 2020

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