A woman’s daily struggle to cure and save Pasha, a dog with a severe neurological abnormality

Pasha is not a dog like the others: he has hydrocephalus. Lucile Ingret, her owner from Meurthe-et-Moselle, does everything possible to offer her a better quality of life. Through Pasha’s moving story, she wants to educate pet owners about this still little-known disease.

When the Golden Retriever was born in October 2019, everything seemed to be fine. Handsome and vigorous like his other siblings, he made his family happy and proud. But her life was turned upside down when her eyes began to open.

© Lucile Ingret

His owners discovered he had strabismus and balance problems. To establish a more in-depth diagnosis, they took him to the Veterinary School of Lyon, located a 4-hour drive from the house. An MRI showed the puppy to be suffering from hydrocephalus, a severe neurological abnormality resulting in permanent damage or even death.

© Lucile Ingret

And it was not over: the doctors detected a brain hematoma, which would be the cause of his sight and hearing problems. A puncture was necessary.

© Lucile Ingret

An everyday fight

© Lucile Ingret

© Lucile Ingret

Following his operation, Pasha had his head shaved and was forced to wear a ruff. Corticosteroids, diuretics, antiepileptics, osteopathy and shiatsu sessions, form an explosive cocktail to treat the dog on a daily basis.

© Lucile Ingret

Raise awareness and help owners of sick animals

Lucile Ingret decided to fight not only for himself, but also for all the other sick dogs. She created a Facebook page, an Instagram account as well as a website, in order to share her story.

I received donations, words, love and above all, we had incredible encounters ,” she said. Her family wants to show that the difference is not a shame and that every life is worth saving.

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© Lucile Ingret

Thanks to the benevolence and determination of her owners, Pasha certainly avoided death. He has become a magnificent dog and enjoys every precious moment that life offers him.


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