16 beautiful photos illustrating the unique friendship between a little boy and his Golden Retriever

Between a bitch called Nana and her young human friend, it is a magnificent friendship that has been established and that we can discover in photos.

The bonds between dogs and children are incredibly intense. The presence of a pet alongside them brings enormous benefits.

This is verified with the very beautiful story of friendship we are talking about here. She is the mistress of a bitch called Nana and mother of a little boy who talks about it on Bored Panda . She is also the author of the superb photos illustrating this unique relationship and of which she is the privileged witness.

Daniela Rodriguez explains that her family lives among mountains and vineyards. As a result, her children spend a lot of time outdoors, surrounded by nature. When they grew up, their parents decided to adopt a puppy.

Nana became the best friend of Daniela Rodriguez’s children, but it was especially with her son that she created a special relationship.

This wonderful complicity, Daniela Rodriguez makes us discover it in pictures. Here are 16 of these photos, taken from his Instagram account …

1. A very cuddly moment

3. A loving exchange of glances

4. Moments they will never forget

5. Their smiles are there to prove it

6. Friends for life!

7. Daniela Rodriguez is lucky to have a front row seat to witness such scenes

8. They are not afraid of anything as long as they are together, not even of emptiness

9. One of their favorite games

10. The little boy and the bitch have always been inseparable

11. They do everything together, including winter walks in the forest

12. The wonder reads in their eyes

13. She is always precious

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14. A little walk among the olive trees

15. It is together that they admire this magnificent sunset

16. Their very first games


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