Abandoned due to heart problems, this dog explores the world from his new owner’s backpack

Huey suffers from more than one illness, but that doesn’t stop him from traveling and discovering thanks to a young woman determined to give him a chance. At his side, the quadruped knows a new life after abandonment.

A one-year-old American Bully, Huey was abandoned by his owners who wanted to make him a breeding dog, but gave it up when they found out he was ill. This canine presents a heart murmur and urethral prolapse, among other pathologies that deprive him of many activities.

Huey had a sister, Penelope , who also suffered from heart disease. Unfortunately, the dog recently passed away. Taken to a veterinary clinic, he met Rissa Royce , who works there. She welcomed him to her home that evening and they haven’t left each other since.

Huey (center) – Rissa Royce / Facebook

She promised him to give him the best life possible

Oakley the Pitbull, one of the vet’s other dogs (she has 7 in total), consistently accompanies them on these thrilling adventures. Together they visited Georgia and the Little Grand Canyon in Utah. The next destination will be Colorado.

Rissa Royce / Facebook

I love traveling with them because it breaks stereotypes ” about Pitbulls, Bullies and other canine roots suffering from their reputation. People come to meet them, stroke them and chat with their mistress. After that, their perception of these dogs changes.

Huey is really lucky that his fate has crossed that of this wonderful young woman.

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Rissa Royce / Facebook


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