Student honors her Corgi who gave her moral support during the pandemic

Like many other people, the students suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic. For some, studies were difficult during this time. Amee Nepomuceno was able to count on the help of his best friend.

Amee Nepomuceno has had a stressful year. The nursing student struggled to follow her classes properly. His professional future was at stake.

Fortunately, she found solace in the paws of her most loyal companion: Spex . The latter is an adorable Corgi with a tawny coat. Throughout her college education, Amee Nepomuceno was morally supported by Spex , a dog with a gentle and cheerful temperament.

© Amee Nepomuceno

When I was feeling stressed, just having her with me made me more motivated, ” the young woman told The Dodo . The latter believes that she graduated in part because of his help.

© Amee Nepomuceno

An unforgettable photo shoot

To thank her pet and immortalize one of the most important events of her life, Amee Nepomuceno took her to the year-end photoshoot. Like its owner, the canine wore a graduation cap.

© Amee Nepomuceno

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© Amee Nepomuceno

The heartwarming images of the happy duo show just how strong the bond between a human and an animal can be. And whatever the circumstances, our 4-legged companions are always there for us.


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