I-CAD and Department of Agriculture organize National Dog and Cat Identification Week in May


To raise awareness of the challenges of identifying companion animals, a communication campaign will take place from May 11 to 17, notably via television and social networks.

In two and a half months, the National Dog and Cat Identification Week will be held. This is an awareness campaign organized by the I-CAD company and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food . As a reminder, I-CAD is the entity responsible for managing the national file for the identification of domestic carnivores .

The event, which will take place from May 11 to 17 , will aim to recall the importance of identifying pets and the role of this mandatory step in their protection . The campaign will also allow the French to have a better understanding of identification, many of them still ignoring it.

From May 4 and until the last day of the campaign, 2 television spots will be broadcast to encourage animal owners who have not yet identified them to make an appointment with the veterinarian or to visit the site of the campaign: jidentifiemonanimal.fr. This platform provides them with all the information they need on the subject. Dedicated content will also be regularly published on social networks .

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In addition, a competition game will be organized in the form of questions and answers on the animal world. The people who will participate and will identify their dogs or cats during the campaign, will be the subject of a draw . 12 winners will be selected, with numerous rewards offered by I-CAD’s partners: insurance company, manufacturers of animal feed or accessories, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Veterinarians, breeders, shelters, associations, animal shops, police, gendarmerie and all stakeholders will be associated with this initiative.

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