Meet Kevin, the kleptomaniac dog!

Many psychological disorders can affect dogs. In a very special case, the handsome Kevin seems to be a kleptomaniac, he loves to steal things. Why is he doing it? Let’s find out!

Kevin , is a 4-year- old Labrador crossbreed male who stands out for his special character . He loves cats , cat food and all humans . He is able, by his looks and kindness , to steal your heart, but not only can he steal your wallet as well . He can be described as a kleptomaniac , but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a lovable dog .

He is temporarily living in an adoptive family’s home while waiting for someone to want to take him forever . In November 2018, he was placed at the Austin Animal Center (United States) and managed to charm the staff of the refuge. Charming and personable , he was placed in the animal care office and given a comfortable bed . It was the beautiful days when Kevin was spoiled by the staff of the refuge.

Shortly after, we started to notice some missing items from the desk . Things disappear without a trace . With a small quest, we found all the missing items in Kevin’s bed who was guarding them . Tshirts, sandwiches, coins, clothes, wallets and many other objects were found in the dog’s bed. It seems that the latter stole them without anyone knowing. It was explained that he developed this behavior under the effect of stress .

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In order to re-educate him and provide him with the necessary psychological comfort , Kevin was placed with a foster family who takes care of him temporarily .

The animal center launched an ad on its Facebook page offering Kevin up for adoption .


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