Manage dog adolescence

Illustration : "Gérer l'adolescence du chien"

adolescent problems also exist in dogs. Adolescence of our four legged friends may be a delicate stage in their lives, but it is possible to ensure that it does not affect their further development.

summary “what is adolescence in

dogs? How to manage dog adolescence? Recommendation 1: start education and socialization before the dog is a teenager recommendation 2: consider sterilization recommendation 3: don’t give up recommendation 4: meet the important needs of the dog. When does the dog’s puberty end? Adolescence in

dogs is sometimes as complex as in humans. Although the education and socialization of puppies have been progressing smoothly so far, it is not uncommon to see some rebound in this critical period.

although not all dogs have “seizures”, some abnormal behaviors are not uncommon in small breeds from 4 to 5 months or large breeds from 10 months. The dog’s adolescent crisis is characterized by a more or less strong desire to independently discover the surrounding environment and a certain degree of rebellion. Generally speaking, during this period, there will be some behavioral problems: escape, destruction, frustration, poor management, etc.

in addition, more generally speaking, dogs entering puberty have more energy to sell, They need more attention and are less tired: real batteries! Whose fault is


? Hormones, of course! Precocity during this period is usually proportional to the size of the dog. Therefore, small varieties begin and end in early puberty (before the first birthday), while large varieties may mature only at the age of 2.

in females, this period usually begins at the same time as the first fever.

How to manage dog adolescence? Suggestion 1: start education and socialization before the

dog is a teenager. In view of the possible trouble to our dog friends during this period, some learning should start immediately after they arrive at home. This will lay a good foundation for better control of dogs.

recommendation 2: consider sterilizing

to avoid excessive hormone rise. Some veterinarians recommend sterilizing dogs before they enter puberty. This can sometimes avoid some problems, including socializing with peers.

however, this is a controversial topic. Please feel free to talk to your veterinarian and let them tell you all the details of this operation.

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. Your dog may listen to you more than before. But don’t worry, the most important thing is, don’t let go, don’t lose heart!

your educational efforts (past or present) will never be in vain. During this period, it is sometimes necessary to re-establish the basis that may have been obtained before, or change the method of obtaining results. Your dog will be more distracted and rebellious in his teens. You can choose a favorable environment to make him more focused and cooperative.This will be a challenge, not fatalism. Many people suggest waiting until puberty is over, but this is not the case! If you wait and endure this situation, the problem will become worse and you will completely lose control of your dog.

please feel free to contact dog education and behavior professionals to guide you on the correct behavior on a regular basis, The correct tone and the overall consistency of your attitude.

suggestion 4: meet the important needs of dogs.

to realize the cooperation of dogs, you must meet many of their consumer needs!


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: take your dog outside the garden every day. Let him do some stimulating activities (of course, respect his growth). Spiritual consumption: provide him with professional games at home or in the garden to stimulate his intelligence. Teach him some interesting skills through candy or games just to keep him awake. Olfactory consumption: your dog, at this age, is eager to find, so please do not hesitate to provide tracking activities: looking for food at home or in the garden. You are also welcome to walk freely in the wild (if you haven’t been reminded, you can also follow this road) to stimulate your sense of smell. Social spending: during this time, nothing is more important than continuing and strengthening the socialization of dogs. He will need to meet his peers to maintain and develop his dog code. Meet other balanced dogs regularly and actively. When does puberty end in dogs? Puberty usually lasts for a year, depending on the size of the dog. For puppies, this period will end before their first birthday, while for large dogs, this period starts late and ends around the age of 2 on average. Your dog’s attitude will reflect what you have done in the past year. If you are more relaxed, fatalistic and a little resigned, your dog will continue to move forward and maintain the bad habits.

however, if you follow the above suggestions and your attitude is consistent, strict and consistent, your dog will follow your suggestions, The trouble will be alleviated. You can even further strengthen his education and start more intense dog activities. “

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