Police dog awarded for bravery and heroism after being attacked with a machete during an intervention

Thin Blue Paw

In November 2020, police dog Stark helped arrest a suspect in Handsworth (UK). During the operation, the brave animal was unfortunately repeatedly injured …

The facts occurred on November 14, 2020, at a park in Handsworth . Officer Paul Hopley and his trusty dog Stark carried out a routine check following reports of suspicious activity in the area. The duo were on the hunt for thieves.

When a suspect was arrested, he violently attacked the animal. His partner initially believed he was hitting him with a stick. But the reality turned out to be quite different …

Thin Blue Paw

Paul Hopley stepped in and managed to overpower the young man. It was then that he noticed the blood on the canine. Stark was the victim of 20 machete blows, reports Coventry Live . The animal was injured mainly in the head. He notably received a blow just 5 millimeters from his eye. “ It was such a shock to see Stark hurt. I thought he was going to kill him, ”said Paul Hopley .

When our dogs are hurt everyone in the police family feels it,” said Sarah Burton , West Midlands County Police Superintendent.

After the arrest, the injured was rushed to a veterinarian where he received adequate treatment. Fortunately, the 3-year-old German Shepherd / Malinois cross has made a remarkable recovery.

Thin Blue Paw

Dogs play an important role in everyone’s safety

Although the dog was assaulted while holding the suspect, he did not let go for a second and did not give up on his mission. He allowed Paul Hopley to put the individual behind bars.

His incredible efforts have been praised by his colleagues. Stark even received an award for his heroism and bravery. On Tuesday, September 14, the black furry hero and his teammate took part in the Thin Blue Paw Awards ceremony. “ I am immensely proud of him. It is an honor to work with him every day; I know he would support me if something went wrong and take care of me, like I take care of him, ”said Paul Hopley .

Thin Blue Paw

Her attacker, aged 17, was sentenced to 8 months in detention. The brave Stark has not finished bringing a paw to the community, despite this terrible fight. He resumed service a few weeks after the attack.

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Thin Blue Paw

Outside of working hours, he lives with Officer Hopley , his wife and their 2 other dogs. </p

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