A Jack Russell killed and his mistress injured by 3 dogs in Dordogne

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This Monday evening, 3 dogs managed to escape from their owner’s house to attack that of the neighbor, while they were returning from a walk. The Jack Russell Terrier did not survive the attack, while his mistress was bitten on the arm.

The walk this Monday evening (April 20) was, alas, the last for Milo , a Jack Russell Terrier dog . And it turned into a nightmare for its owner Sandrine Rouzie r, as reported by France Bleu .

The latter, who lives in the place called Les Bories in Lamonzie Saint-Martin , commune of Dordogne, returned home around 7.40 p.m., after a short outing which allowed her pet to stretch its paws, when the neighbor’s 3 dogs have struggled on the fence of his garden.

One of them ended up breaking down the fence. He and his 2 congeners thus managed to get out of the property and rushed on Milo . They left no chance for the little quadruped, who lost his life . Subsequently, they targeted his mistress.

Sandrine Rouzier was bitten on the arm . After the attack, she was taken to the emergency room in Bergerac , where the doctor prescribed her 4 days of ITT .

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As for the 3 dogs, they were captured by the firefighters and the gendarmes . Thierry Auroy-Peytou , mayor of Lamonzie Saint-Martin , also lent them a hand. The dogs were first placed in the municipal kennel , before being transferred on Tuesday to a SPA refuge, during the investigation. Mr. Auroy-Peytou would have taken a municipal decree with a view to euthanizing them .

For his part, their owner must be heard by the gendarmerie .

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