What is natural pruning?

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barf, raw food, wahad diet… More and more dog owners are interested in the natural diet pattern. Natural pruning is also one of them, as its name indicates. Compared with raw food, natural feeding is more flexible. It is a dog food that advocates more varieties and gives a greater share of raw meat. Let’s take a closer look… Kdspe

executive summary

natural hinge: a lifestyle based on raw meat supplemented by other natural hinge foods: have you heard of natural hinge? This dog’s food flow encourages people to use products closer to nature, but it goes far beyond the content of the game.

natural pruning: the creation of the concept of the whole lifestyle

is attributed to Juliet deboracley levy (1912-2009) in the UK. The word can be translated as “natural reproduction”.

Juliette de bairacli levy is an expert in herbal medicine, As a practitioner of holistic medicine, he has written several works on plant power and life style in harmony with nature. In the process of raising dogs, she developed her own view of dog food, mainly relying on animals and raw food.


, but the natural reading conceived by Juliette de bairacli levy is not limited to what dogs eat. It covers all aspects of animal life, including health care, encouraging alternative therapies (herbs, homeopathy, bone diseases, etc.), and access to exercise, clean air and sunshine.

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foods, but here we will focus on everything related to dog food according to the natural breeding model.

theme diet is basically based on raw meat, However, it can be combined with other types of food to ensure a variety and complete intake: fruits, vegetables, eggs, powdered algae (such as spirulina), vegetable oil, animal oil (such as fish oil), dairy products and even cereals. The purpose is to ensure that the dog’s body gets the protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates needed for health and fitness. For example, this is one of the differences between natural pruning and raw material. Raw material almost completely depends on raw meat, bones and internal organs.


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natural pruning: key points you need to pay attention to

If you want to raise your dog naturally, you must first know that any food conversion must be carried out in stages so that the animal’s body can have time to adapt. Then, you must consult your veterinarian in advance.

this change may bring various risks associated with defects and excess. Without the most basic knowledge, the danger is not to give the dog a balanced diet to meet its nutritional needs. “

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