World Dog Day: a date to pay tribute to the bond that has united men and dogs for millennia!

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Each year, dogs are honored on the occasion of the World Day dedicated to them on August 26.

Today is World Dog Day . The opportunity to pay tribute to man’s best friend and to remind people how important it is to take care of them .

World Dog Day is supported by IFAW , the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The latter works daily and around the world to contribute to projects that improve the quality of care given to dogs.

Remember that the latter have occupied a privileged place with humans since they separated from the wolf , then their domestication . This would have occurred at the beginning of the Paleolithic, between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago .

Over the centuries and millennia, the dog has made itself indispensable to the various communities and human civilizations. Today, our 4-legged friends excel in many areas and make our lives easier in so many ways. They help us during disasters and accidents. They guide us when we no longer have all our means. They protect us, detect our diseases long before the most sophisticated machines, support us and comfort us.

This is also what we can realize on a daily basis by discovering the news about them on our site. Between life-saving exploits and moving stories showing the intelligence , loyalty and sensitivity of our canine companions, we say to ourselves that a World Day is far from being undeserved for them.

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Dog owners are therefore extremely lucky people. They know it and are proud of it , since they share their passion on social networks , including our Instagram Woopets page, dedicated to our readers.

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