Chihuahua Acrobat Surprises Owner By Performing All Yoga Poses He Knows (Video)

Pancho was a gifted dog in more than one area, but it was mostly in the practice of yoga that he excelled alongside his master. A video posted last fall showing him in action has gone viral.

Unfortunately, he is no longer of this world , but Pancho the Chihuahua had spent his life radiating all those around him with his communicative joie de vivre. Starting, of course, with his master, Nic Bello , whom he accompanied for years. They were the best friends in the world and did absolutely everything together, as the Animal Channel relates.

Nic Bello is an Italian passionate about sport who devotes himself to a very wide variety of disciplines. He also practices yoga , an activity Pancho seemed to enjoy as well.

This is, in any case, what we can see in the video below, posted last October on the YouTube platform and totaling nearly a million views to date.

So we see Nic Bello and his dog doing yoga sessions. The man performs various postures under the watchful eye of Pancho , who imitates him by performing the asanas to perfection and with remarkable ease and flexibility.

He also follows the oral instructions of his master, given sometimes in his native language, sometimes in English.

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Nic Bello can consider himself privileged to have known such an adorable being . He also knows it. He will never forget his friend and yoga partner, whose passing left a huge void. Perhaps Pancho continues to perfect his practice of postures and mantras in Heaven for Dogs …

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