Chemical or hormonal castration, an alternative to surgical sterilization of the dog

Rather than opting for the surgical castration of their dogs, the effect of which is definitive, many owners prefer the chemical solution. It consists of implants releasing hormones making the animal temporarily sterile.

As a general rule, shelters systematically sterilize stray or abandoned dogs that they recover in order, in particular, to prevent the abandonment of puppies that they could have engendered.

Sterilization also helps prevent unwanted litters from owners. For the dog itself, the male in this case, the approach has significant health benefits , such as the prevention of testicular tumors and prostate disease . Finally, it puts an end to behaviors related to libido such as urine marking and rambling .

The dog is castrated in 2 ways: surgical intervention (removal of the testicles in particular) and chemical sterilization.

The latter is chosen by some of the masters for several reasons. First, it is reversible , unlike surgery, which is permanent . It consists, in fact, in placing implants under the dog’s skin, which release synthetic hormones that only make it sterile for several months (up to 18, depending on the process).

Once the effect of the active ingredients released by the implants has ended, the dog is again able to mate . This solution therefore makes it possible to control the reproduction of his animal.

In addition, hormonal castration is painless for the dog and takes place without the need to anesthetize it .

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In any case, the decision to sterilize your dog, whether it is a male or a female, must be carefully considered . Different alternatives exist depending on whether you want to put a definitive end to your reproductive capacities or not. It’s up to you to choose according to the specifics of your 4-legged companion (age, state of health, lifestyle, etc.) and your expectations .


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