Elisa Pilarski case: DNA results finally revealed! Curtis, solely responsible for the bites found on the body of the young woman!

Elisa Pilarski / Facebook

Expected for many months, the DNA results have finally been revealed. They incriminate Curtis, just like the expertise of the 2 veterinarians mandated by justice. As for the Rallye de la Passion, we were satisfied with this news, which would exonerate its hunting dogs from all responsibility in the death of Elisa Pilarski.

The sad anniversary of the death of Elisa Pilarski is fast approaching. On November 16, 2019, the young woman of 29, pregnant , was killed in the forest of Retz in the Aisne. According to the autopsy report , the victim’s death was the result of hemorrhage caused by several canine bites .

To the tragedy and sadness were added the many unanswered questions. What was (are) the dog (s) author (s) of the said fatal bites? DNA samples had been taken from Curtis , one of the dogs of the couple that Elisa Pilarski formed with Christophe Ellul , as well as from the 62 hunting dogs of the hunting company Le Rallye de la Passion . About twenty of them were, in fact, in this forest on the day of the incident.

(Source: Elisa Pilarski Support Page / Facebook)

After veterinary examination, DNA results incriminate Curtis alone

The last elements revealed place the responsibility for the fatal attack on Curtis . Only the DNA of the American Staffordshire Terrier , which accompanied the victim at the time of the tragedy, has been found on his mistress . This is what BFMTV reports today.

The DNA traces of the canine were found on the body , under the nail and inside the clothes of Elisa Pilarski . Moreover, only his DNA was discovered on his muzzle , which seems to undermine the hypothesis of a fight between him and the hunting dogs.

As for the victim’s DNA , it was detected in traces of blood found on Curtis’ lips and right eye . Finally, another dog DNA was found on the clothes of Elisa Pilarski , but it could not be identified .

Results which are in line with the conclusions of the expertise carried out by the 2 veterinarians mandated by the courts. According to the latter, the wounds inflicted on the young woman could only have been done by Curtis’ jaw .

Reaction of the Rallye de la Passion: the “satisfaction” of being “exonerated”

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