Having a Dog Makes You More Attractive, Study Finds

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Having a dog would boost your sex appeal, according to a survey by a UK dating site. The latter also revealed that more than half of those surveyed believed that a pet owner of any species would make a good partner.

If the smartest people would prefer cats , according to a study from an American university, the people with the most sex appeal are dog owners . It’s another survey, carried out this time by UK dating site Elite Singles , that reveals this trend. It was released in February 2017.

For this research, 1000 singles answered several questions relating to love life , preferences in terms of partner profiles and pets . Among them, almost two-thirds (63%) said they find dog owners more attractive , compared to just 18% for cat owners . Dog masters and mistresses are, in fact, seen as sociable and energetic people , while people living with cats have a reputation for being more distant , even selfish , according to the article.

In addition, 57% of those questioned say they find that any owner of a pet , regardless of its species, would make a good partner , because if he or she takes care of animals, it is because he / she has also very likely to be considerate (e) towards the person he / she loves.

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Also, 9 out of 10 dog owners would see their peers (other dog owners) as potential mates . Finally, 63% think it’s a good thing to include their pet in their Facebook profile picture . 11% think the opposite.

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