Tired by the scorching heat, this dog finds a clever way to keep cool!


During the card game of his masters in the middle of summer, a dog who does not benefit from the draft of the fan finds a way to remedy it with all the good citizenship in the world.

Summer is here and the heat is obviously there. Air conditioning and ventilation become essential during periods of heatwave , for both men and dogs . Including the one in question here.

It was a very hot afternoon, reports RTL during which 2 people were playing a game of the map. They had directed a fan towards them to take advantage of some fresh air and to play quietly. There was also their dog which was in its cage , closed next to them, but which did not receive the draft of the ventilator.

Dying of heat, the dog fixed his situation on his own. A 3rd person was there and filmed the stunning action of the quadruped.

While the players were busy with their game, the dog emerged from his crate, walked over to the fan, and turned it towards him . He then returned to his cage, closed the door, and sat down. The members of his family did not realize anything, while the dog had shown great intelligence . He also showed elegance, returning to his seat without forgetting to close the door.

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It is necessary to remember that dogs need to be regularly hydrated during periods of heatwave and to be protected from the heat . It’s also important to note that leaving a dog in a car in the sun can be fatal, even if the windows are ajar and the air conditioning is on.

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