This future service dog comforts hospital staff leading the fight against coronavirus

On the front line in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the nursing staff of a Colorado hospital can count on the unwavering support of Wynn, a bitch learning her future profession.

But right now, Wynn has another assignment that wasn’t really on the agenda. Susan Ryan works as an emergency physician at Rose Medical Center , a hospital located in Denver, Colorado (western United States). For some time now, she had gotten into the habit of taking the dog there so that she could meet as many people as possible.

Then the coronavirus pandemic happened and Wynn’s presence in the hospital has never been more valuable . Doctors and nurses face an endless flow of sick people. Each day brings them its share of hard work and tragedy. During their rare breaks, the dog comes to them to bring them comfort and help them keep their spirits up . Susan Ryan herself takes advantage of her support when she is exhausted, as seen in the photo below.

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One thing is certain, Wynn has all the qualities to be an excellent service dog. She proves it every day. When all this is finished and she has completed her training, she will delight a person with reduced mobility and their family.


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