What is positive dog education?

Illustration : "Qu'est-ce que l'éducation positive pour chien ?"

the gap between traditional methods (also known as mandatory methods) and positive methods (also known as candy methods or bisonos methods) is far from the last!

executive summary

positive education: what is it? Active education: an adaptive and adjustable method! Accept idea 1 “positive education is to feed dogs”: accept idea 2 “positive education is not to prohibit dogs from eating anything”: Summary:

There are still many people trying to publicize their parish through various articles and other videos to show how good my method is, my method is more effective, my method is more respected, and so on. I humbly tell you: everyone does what they want! However, I must admit that I prefer positive educational methods, because in my opinion, it’s just a matter of common sense!

in fact, I prefer to achieve educational results in a gentle and cooperative way rather than a possible very fast result, but this has caused serious anxiety in my dog’s learning process.

positive education: what is this?

positive education in short, this is a method that emphasizes cooperative education rather than coercion or avoidance!

educate dogs in a positive way, teach them what to do and strengthen their good deeds, rather than pointing out their bad behaviors, mistakes and misunderstandings.

actively educate dogs refers to some kind of cooperation between owners and dogs, But it also means avoiding “free” punishment of his dog and forcing him to obey, regardless of his emotional state, past, personality or sensitivity.

as you imagine, I rarely like being forced to perform tasks. When I am assigned to a task, considering my point of view, my mentality, my speed of progress, my personality and my true nature, I am happy and work effectively! The same is true for your dog. This is positive education!

active education: an adjustable adaptation method!

when many people hear “positive education”, they will directly think of a very tolerant “Pro dog” education, which is mainly based on food and has no restrictions on dogs. Well, that’s a good idea!

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in the implementation of positive education, the main purpose is to find the motivation for dogs to cooperate. In fact, for most dogs, the main motivation will be canned, but for some less greedy dogs, we must find other motivation sources. Therefore, even without candy, the principle will be the same, and we will maintain a positive attitude.

in fact, it is candy that does not make education positive, but the owner’s attitude towards the dog and his consistency in interaction and requirements.

The second idea is “positive education means nothing forbids your dog”:

when you educate your dog in a positive way, it doesn’t mean you don’t make rules, on the contrary! Because rules and restrictions make dogs feel safe at home! On the other hand, positive education does not allowOnly ban! Prohibition is not learning! You can prohibit it, but behind you, you must always guide the dog to do what you want!

can sometimes reject certain behaviors, but most importantly, they must be transferred to more acceptable behaviors!

you will understand that positive education is to adapt to the dog. You always question yourself and understand why a technology doesn’t work. If the dog doesn’t understand, don’t be angry with it, but change the method or adjust it!


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to educate dogs, it is concluded that positive education respects the real nature of dogs, taking into account the sensitivity, personality, emotional state, past and environment of dogs, It allows a harmonious relationship between the owner and the dog rather than a duel. Positive education is to strengthen and pay attention to the good behavior of the dog. Positive education is also a restriction on the safety and well-being of the dog, However, in order to better integrate into the family and actively educate his dog, that is, guide him to take positive educational behavior, which is rejected, but there are signs of action behind it, not just signs of prohibition! Positive education is mainly based on the dog’s motivation, not just food, toys, social activities, etc. positive education is to let the dog express himself and give him the opportunity to think and experience

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