15 photos that prove how good having a dog is for your kids

Dogs are a precious presence for children for a number of reasons. Here are a few.

It is undeniable that a child growing up in the company of a dog is a happy child. He finds at home a companion, who encourages him to communicate but also to become stronger . There are plenty of examples of the positive effects a dog can have on children with weakness.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate the beneficial contribution of dogs on children.

1. Since he broke his arm, the dog never leaves him

2. After having undergone a surgical operation, this little girl receives a visit from this therapy dog who manages to put her smile back.

3. The daily life of children turns into a permanent adventure with a dog

4. This little girl did not hesitate to spend all its kitty to regale his friends with a good steak at its 4 th anniversary. The sense of sharing and the desire to please are greatly developed with dogs

5. This little girl was afraid of dogs until she met this Labrador Retriever who showed her that they are really love balls

6. Naps immediately become more fun with a Dalmatian puppy

7. Children develop great empathy and generosity when surrounded by dogs.

8. There is no reason to worry when this little spell playing in the garden, guarded by these 2 Bulldogs firmly determined to secure their backs.

9. Such friendship promotes high self-esteem in children and teaches them great values.

10. 2 friends and accomplices who encourage each other in their artistic vocations

11. This little boy is having a lot of fun with his Australian Shepherd puppy

12. A cat and a dog that keep the baby in his sleep

13. This little child has autism and needs constant physical contact. What his friend understood well and did with a big heart

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14. Baby’s first steps encouraged for his equally enthusiastic friend

15. This child was totally dependent on his wheelchair. He managed to make phenomenal progress thanks to his friend the Labrador


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