Alerted by a Husky coming to ask for his help, a young photographer saves a dog from drowning in an abandoned water park! (Video)

While filming a water park that had been closed for years, a video blogger duo came across 2 dogs looking for help.

Trevor Costelloe , 21, is often on the lookout for unusual places to film . He particularly favors disused buildings , such as the abandoned water park in question here. He went there with his friend Dave , as the Animal Channel recounts.

Located in San Diego , the site is overrun with tags and brush. The two friends thought it was totally deserted, but they saw a Siberian Husky in the distance. The dog looked preoccupied and all his attention was on a small pool where he was standing.

Shortly after, the 2 young men saw another dog, a Pitbull this time. He too had spotted them.

The 2 dogs finally decided to come to Trevor and Dave , who initially were not very reassured. It was especially the Pitbull with the impressive musculature that worried them . However, when the canines approached, it became clear that neither had the slightest hostile intention, quite the contrary. They wagged their tails and had come to ask for help from the young people.

The quadrupeds wanted to guide them towards the basin. Trevor and Dave decided to follow them . They were amazed to discover that a dog e 3 struggled in the small pool filled with rainwater. The poor animal was struggling to keep its head above the water . He certainly would have drowned if the vlogging duo had arrived a few minutes later.

Trevor immediately came to the rescue of the dog and pulled it out of the water . The latter was at the end of his strength . His fellows came to see him, then the trio left, wagging their tails to express their happiness at having found each other , but also as a sign of gratitude to these 2 young men who had just saved one of them. .

Here is the entire scene filmed by Trevor Costelloe :

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