Music lover, this dog waits every day for the wind to pick up to play his favorite instrument and sing! (Video)

It was by the greatest of luck that Bleu la chienne met what has since become her favorite musical instrument. This idyll between the music-loving animal and the musical object has been going on for years, and his mistress never tires of it.

One day, while cleaning her garden, Ana Brown had moved the hook where she hung flower pots. To make room, she had hung an old wind chime there . Blue , her Golden Retriever dog who was only 4 months old at the time, accidentally crashed into the instrument’s metal tubes, producing a sound that literally fascinated her . From then on, Bleu fell in love with it.

She has since developed the habit of shaking the wind chime with her head to make music, while singing . In his own way, of course, in other words by screaming .

Bleu is now 4 years old and his passion for this instrument is intact. She plays it almost every day, accompanying the notes of her song, reports The Dodo . This is shown by the videos that its owner regularly posts on Facebook.

Videos which are all viral , accumulating millions of views and eliciting numerous comments from admiring and tender Internet users.

Ana Brown recounts, moreover, that for last Christmas, her mother gave them a new wind chime , but Bleu was not at all interested in it . She only uses her old instrument. She is very attached to it .


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