20 photos of the unshakeable attachment between homeless people and their dogs

The bonds between a person who lives on the streets and their dog are unique. As can be seen in these photos.

Homeless people have a lifelong companion who is their dog. The attachment that binds them and the importance they have for each other are unparalleled. Anyone who sees such a painting also witnesses a lesson in life and humility.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate homeless people with their dogs.

1. This child thinks about keeping his dog warm during the winter

2. His dogs are his happiness

3. His dog lays on his stomach while he reads the newspaper, as if to remind him that he will protect him no matter what.

4. His dogs are very attached to him

5. He introduces his best friend to the photographer

6. This man takes good care of his senior dogs

7. A hug that reflects the strength of the bond that unites them

8. His dog is irreplaceable in his eyes

9. A friendship that is born very slowly

10. Their dog draws smiles on their faces

11. A little girl and her best friend

12. A man and his dog communicating

13. This man has just made a great find

14. This young man wants his dogs to be well fed

15. Together they watch the people passing by

16. Their dogs make them very happy

17. His dog tilts his head when he sees the box which takes a picture of him

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18. A young man happy to see his dog in good health

19. An Eskimo kiss between a man and his dog

20. A young mother who lives in the street with her little daughter and their dog


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