Overwhelmed by disease, these 5 neglected dogs were abandoned in a parking lot

The volunteers who took care of the 5 dogs that the owner could no longer take care of had never seen such a degree of neglect. Thanks to them, the quadrupeds have experienced a real rebirth.

The master of 5 dogs of the Lhasa Apso breed had contacted Critter Mama Rescue , an association based in Ruskin , Florida, because he could no longer keep them. He had told the organization’s director, Robin Roberts , that the owner of his apartment was unaware of their presence and that it was going to get him in trouble.

The volunteers were obviously not happy that animals were separated from their owners, but they thought they presented the ideal profile to be adopted easily afterwards: purebred and healthy dogs (according to him ). They quickly became disillusioned when they saw them. The unfortunate quadrupeds, 4 females and a male , were in a state of indescribable neglect. Their coat was so dirty and matted that neither their eyes nor their paws could be seen. The smell was unbearable.

Faced with the scale of the task, Robin Roberts called Rick Chaboudy , director of Suncoast Animal League (SAL). This refuge located in Palm Harbor , also in Florida, was larger and much better equipped to deal with such complex cases.

The dogs were first taken to Clint Wilson , a professional groomer who puts his skills to work for animals in need for free. He, Rick Chaboudy and several volunteers worked until the early hours to clean and shave the Lhasa Apsos. Subsequently, they were seen by the vet , who found they were infested with internal and external parasites, suffered from skin, eye and ear infections, malnutrition, dental problems and dislocation of the the patella . That was not all: one of the bitches, Helen , also had a womb infection . Another, Lilly , had breast tumors which, when removed, turned out to be cancerous . As for Sequoia , she had a hole in her cornea . All were partially or totally blind .

Helen had been purchased 13 years earlier in a pet store . She was from an Iowa-based kennel suspected of being a puppy mill . The age of the other dogs was estimated to be 10 years old.

After being operated on, including to remove severely damaged teeth, and sterilized , the 5 dogs had the opportunity to meet people to be socialized and relearn to trust humans. An online jackpot raised $ 6,100 (nearly 5,400 euros) to cover veterinary costs. Better yet, all of them were adopted . Each of them was introduced to their new family in a ceremony .

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Sissy was adopted by Gloria Phillips , who had been waiting for this moment since her dog went missing. Yvette and Jim Klausch became the new parents of Achilles , the male. Helen landed with Gloria Scott , used to caring for animals with special needs. Lilly was adopted by Kim Tutsch , who already had 2 Dachshunds , while Mila Miller and her husband Ryan , owners of 4 cats, welcomed Sequoia .


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