Flatulence in dogs what effective and natural solution?

Illustration : "Les flatulences chez le chien : quelle solution efficace et naturelle ?" Illustration photo

All dogs emit gases from digestion and have flatulence, but the latter can become inconvenient, especially if they are associated with foul odors. What can be done to mitigate this problem?”

The food consumed by the dog gives rise, as a result of its digestion, to the production of gas. At the same time, the animal swallows a certain amount of air, especially when eating. It is therefore quite normal for him to have flatulence and these do not cause, in most cases, any discomfort.”

We are therefore dealing with a natural physiological phenomenon present in all dogs, especially since, in general, these gases are not accompanied by particularly marked odors.”

On the other hand, flatulence can be a source of inconvenience in some dogs.”

” The flatulence of the dog, a problematic phenomenon in some cases

Our canine friends are not all equal in the face of the problem of flatulence. The so-called brachycephalic or flattened nose breeds are among the most concerned. These are, among others, the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog, the Pekingese or the Pug.”

Large amounts of air can pass through their pharynx, especially when feeding, drinking, being excited at meals or under stress. This is called aerophagia.”

At the same time, the bacterial fermentation process takes place in the digestive tract of the dog. All this contributes to generating smelly flatulence, which can be embarrassing for the entourage of the quadruped.”

Diet change too fast, obesity, low-quality foods, aging, too rich food and digestive disorders are also among the factors favoring problematic flatulence.”

” What solution against the smell of canine flatulence?

It is to counter this phenomenon of bad odors accompanying the flatulence of the dog that the Arcanatura brand has developed a product that is both 100% natural and eco-responsible: Coproflat.”

The effectiveness of Coproflat is based on the synergistic action of compounds drawn from nature: Yucca schidigera extracts, activated vegetable charcoal, zinc acetate and grape seed extracts. The whole has the effect of reducing the production of aromatic metabolites such as sulphides (H 2 S). It is the latter that are involved in the unpleasant smell of canine flatulence.”

In addition to being natural, this solution is also simple to implement. In powder form, it is to be distributed on the dog’s food daily for a month, at the rate of half a teaspoon per day and per 10 kg increments.”

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For optimal results, it is recommended to apply some additional measures, such as splitting meals to limit aerophagia, as well as banning foods such as crucifers, spices and those of the genus Allium (onion, garlic, shallots…).”

Coproflat d’Arcanatura is available on the brand’s website, in pot format of 30 grams.”

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