15 dogs photographed during bath time

Bath time is a time of great joy for some dogs and a real chore for others. Either way, their reactions are always adorable.

From time to time, dogs need a good bath to get rid of the dirt that can build up on their skin and hair, although brushing is what keeps them clean and looking good. .

The frequency of the necessary baths varies according to the breed and the type of coat, but it is well known that washing your dog too often is harmful, in particular because it robs it of its protective layer of sebum.

Either way, every dog reacts to bathing differently. Some are having a blast, while others can’t wait for the shower to end.

These varied attitudes that our 4-legged friends have towards the bath, the 15 photos below give a glimpse that is both fun and touching …

1. He doesn’t seem to like at all

2. This French Bulldog either … His attitude leaves no room for doubt

4. To help him take his very first bath, he needed a fellow creature and 2 women by his side.

5. This is how he chose to express his dissatisfaction

6. This English Bulldog looks totally annoyed

7. He would have preferred to go without the bath

9. This Golden Retriever is so happy to take his bath that he gives you his best wink

10. Max, the German Shepherd puppy, takes his very first bath, and he seems to enjoy it

11. This other Golden Retriever does not agree at all.

12. She wasn’t really up for the bath, but the fleas gave her no choice

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13. His expression speaks for itself

14. He is quite delighted, on the other hand

15. This dog also seems to have a good time in the shower


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