Emily Ratajkowski takes advantage of confinement to celebrate the wedding of her dogs

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

Confined with her husband and their 2 dogs, the American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski had a somewhat surprising idea for her duo of canine friends; she organized their wedding. Champagne, decoration, guests… Everything was there.

Since March, containment has been in force in many countries to slow the progression of the new coronavirus, responsible for the Covid-19 disease. Everyone manages the situation and tries to deal with it as they can. Neighbors organize themselves to help each other, like the owners of Sunny the Golden Retriever who delivers groceries to their neighbor. Some people try to find ways to cut their dogs’ nails more easily, while others make mini sofas for their cats.

Celebrities are also busy passing the time, including posting photos and videos of themselves and their pets on social media . This is precisely what Emily Ratajkowski is doing, who even recently surprised her fans by posting the footage of a wedding being celebrated at her Los Angeles villa, as NextPLZ reports.

The union in question is that of his 2 dogs , a male named Columbo and a female Welsh Corgi Pembroke answering the name of Happy . With the help of her husband , Sebastien Beard McClard , and a couple of friends, the 28-year-old model left nothing to chance for this fake wedding ceremony: champagne, floral arrangement, dress for the occasion …

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A post that drew many comments from amused fans and others congratulating the bride and groom.

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