Questions surrounding the death of Elisa Pilarski, pregnant and killed by dogs, after the announcement of the euthanasia of her dog

Elisa Pilarski / Facebook)

While waiting for the results of the DNA tests carried out on the hunting dogs present on the scene at the time of the tragedy, but also those of the late young woman, questions remain.

The latter entrusted the investigation to the research section of Amiens (80) *, which will therefore try to clarify all the gray areas that persist around this tragedy .

(Photo: Elisa Pilarski / Facebook)

As a reminder, Elisa Pilarski , 29 years old and 6 months pregnant , walked one of her 5 dogs last Saturday (November 16) in the forest of Retz , about twenty km from Soissons in the Aisne. She had had a bad first meeting with the owner of a Belgian Shepherd Malinois , according to a message she had sent to her companion Christophe . She then told him of her concern about the presence of threatening dogs .

It would seem, in fact, that at that time a hunting party was taking place in the area. Also called venery, hunting consists of launching a pack of dogs in pursuit of game to exhaust it until it is caught.

Arriving at the scene to look for Elisa , Christophe ended up finding her dead at the bottom of a precipice, her body marked with numerous bites . It was Curtis , their American Staffordshire Terrier , who had come to meet the young man to warn him by barking.

DNA samples

Samples were also taken from the couple’s 5 dogs . The results of these analyzes will have to be revealed in the coming days, but until then, it is impossible to know who bit Elisa Pilarski to the point of causing her death. Are they the hunting dogs? Is it Curtis ? About the latter, several media announced that he had been euthanized following the tragedy, but other sources, including BFM TV , denied this information .

None of the hunting dogs were bitten by Curtis

To return to the hunting dogs and the declarations of the venery society, it specified that the 62 quadrupeds, whose master responds to the name of Sébastien Van den Berghe , were examined by a veterinarian mandated by the gendarmes . The aim was to detect possible traces of bites in these animals, but none were found . Which, according to the organization of hunters, exonerates them, since the American Staffordshire Terrier would not have let them do if they had attacked his mistress.

Finally, the owner of the Malinois which was mentioned at the beginning is wanted by the investigators, who wish to question him. For the moment, there is no indication that this dog was involved in the death of Elisa Pilarski .

Whatever the outcome of the investigation, it was a real tragedy that struck this family doubly : the death of a young woman and, consequently, that of the child she was carrying . The possible euthanasia of their dog Curtis could be added to this, as could that of one or more of the hunting dogs.

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* Jean-Charles Métras , lieutenant-colonel of the Aisne gendarmerie, having been part of the group of hunters , the prosecution of Soissons preferred not to entrust the case to this brigade to avoid any collusion .

(Photo: Elisa Pilarski / Facebook)


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