A gendarme helicopter mobilized to rescue a woman and her dog who fell into a river

Last weekend, the Haute-Montagne d’Ariège gendarmerie deployed a helicopter to rescue a woman and her dog trapped by the river. The mistress had jumped into the stream to try to save her pet.

Thanks to a helicopter hoist carried out by the crew of a high-mountain gendarme aircraft in Ariège, a dog and its owner were able to return home safe and sound after finding themselves stranded on the banks of a river. Facts reported by ActuToulouse this Sunday, June 6.

The intervention had taken place the day before. That day, the woman in question and her 4-legged friend were walking along the Ariège river, in Tarascon-sur-Ariège (09), when the canine decided to move away from her and dive into the stream.

She wanted to rescue her dog

Worried about her animal, the woman in turn threw herself into the Ariège to retrieve it, but also found herself trapped. Forced to swim, she managed to get her hand back on her dog. However, both had no other choice but to reach the other side, where they no longer had the possibility of going anywhere.

Fortunately, witnesses were present at the scene and witnessed the scene. They notified the emergency services.

Rescue by air

At the same time, an EC145 helicopter from the PGHM 09 (Ariège high mountain gendarmerie platoon) had just completed a rescue operation in the area. The aircraft was then dispatched to the incident area.

The gendarmes first of all proceeded to the hoisting of the owner of the dog (like the one that can be seen in the video below). Another soldier, a dog handler from the Ariège PGHM , then took charge of recovering the quadruped in complete safety, before both being hoisted aboard the helicopter. The latter was handed over to his mistress.

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