Moved by the fate of a stray dog living on a pile of cardboard for 6 years, she stops her vacation to help him!

Seeing a stray and sick dog asleep on a pile of boxes, a tourist immediately decided to come to her aid. An association was notified of the situation and took charge of the animal. Thanks to the vacationer, the volunteers and the vets, she was able to get a new start in life.

In the summer of 2019, a woman traveled to Romania to spend her vacation there . Sensitive to the animal cause and the protection of dogs in particular, she could not sit idly by when she saw a bitch in difficulty .

The latter was, in fact, lying on a pile of boxes at the foot of an old house. She looked very badly . The tourist immediately contacted a local association , called Howl of a Dog , as reported by Animal Channel . While waiting for their arrival, the vacationer conducted her little neighborhood survey .

By checking with local traders, she learned that the dog had been wandering in the area for years . Occasionally she received food from charitable souls, but the rest of the time she had to fend for herself in order to survive .

Volunteers arrived at the scene and took the dog, whom they chose to call Helen , to their shelter . There she was seen by a veterinarian , who estimated her wandering life had lasted for about 6 years . The specialist also discovered that she was suffering from anaplasmosis , a serious and even fatal disease transmitted by ticks .

Fortunately, the treatments given to Helen afterwards had the desired effect. Her health improved , and it was time for her to be offered for adoption .

Soon after, a family could be found and the dog found her new home , where she has lived happily and lovingly ever since.

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