An unexpected encounter saves the life of a dog with an atypical face

Frankie has come a long way. The little dog, born with hair growing in its eyes, was close to death. When she found out, Tracey Smith didn’t hesitate for a second before reaching out to her.

Tracey Smith , 43, saw the animal during a delivery of car parts to a farm. She was surprised to observe tufts of hair in her eyes.

The big-hearted forty-something offered to take him home. Tracey Smith saved Frankie .

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Frankie’s condition remains a mystery

His new owner took him to the vet. The latter was puzzled as to his particular condition, and advised to watch him carefully to determine whether or not he was blind. “ I did and when I started taking him for a walk I saw that he would run really well on the court, ” said Tracey Smith .

After revealing this information to the practitioner, he assumed Frankie had 2 cysts behind his eyes. According to him, they would be at the origin of these mysterious hairs growing through his eyeballs.

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Tracey Smith said her 4-legged companion was in no pain and enjoyed good health. And its originality never ceases to surprise others.

I posted a message on Facebook that caused a lot of reactions. Everyone said he was lovely – even though one person thought I had photoshopped the hairs in his eyes! », Declared its owner.

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Frankie is much loved, despite his difference

Although he is different from other dogs, Frankie has a pleasant existence with Tracey Smith and her companion, Alex . He is very loyal to the loving members of his household.

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When I go out, he’s always waiting for me at the window, and he’s by my side all the time when I’m at home, ” said Tracey Smith . The latter is happy to have saved him from the farm, where he risked being shot because of his difference.

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Frankie has become an essential member of the family and swims in an ocean of love every day.


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