15 greedy dogs craving their owner’s meal

This way dogs ogle the contents of our plates is sometimes quite funny, even though we know our food can be bad for them. These photos illustrate it perfectly.

If we let them do it and give in to their whims, the insatiable gluttons that our dogs are would gobble up everything that comes their way. As soon as they see us eating something, they beg us to give them a piece of it, giving us a look that is hard to resist.

We must, however, because our food is not necessarily good for them and they may suffer from overweight and its consequences on their health.

They do not care and its determined to nibble as much as possible.

Here are 15 dogs who watch their owner’s meal with great lust …

1. Broccoli seems to interest him the most

2. He can no longer stop staring, he now starts screaming

3. This Golden Retriever is waiting for his slice of pepperoni pizza

4. This Welsh Corgi Pembroke has smelled the smell of cheese and is determined to have some.

5. He has the target in sight

6. This Labrador Retriever will lose patience

8. This Pug is mouth watering

10. This Poodle does not intend to leave the kitchen until he has tasted what is being prepared there.

11. It is not because this ice cream has the same color as her dress that it is intended for her.

12. This Siberian Husky would love to taste some soup

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13. So close to the goal …

14. It devours the flat of the eyes

15. He licks his lips looking at this banana


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