20 dogs that defy the laws of logic and common sense

Dogs are not known for their notion of logic. These photos show that they are even quite foreign to common sense.

Our dog friends sometimes seem to want to transcend the laws of physics as well as all reason. They then begin to try unusual postures, and to act in a way that is difficult to understand. Their owners are all the more hilarious.

Here are 20 photos of dogs that don’t give a damn about logic and common sense.

1. This dog puts himself in the corner when he does something stupid

2. This bitch is descended from a Border Collie mother who also had a great passion for games in the snow

3. Since this dog was adopted, he hasn’t stopped losing his toys. He finally revealed to his family the famous Bermuda Triangle that swallowed all his gadgets

4. This Husky dog makes a funny use of the flexibility of his neck

5. Dogs tend to be ostrich

6. This dog has a hobby like no other. He loves doing the dishes, or at least standing next to the sink full of water trying to do something

7. A Doberman Pinscher who does not know how to innovate when it comes to sitting postures

8. Sleeping is an art that is constantly reinventing itself

9. Stretching is a daily routine for this dog.

10. Sunbathing by the pool is a dog’s activity too

11. These old dogs have always been extremely kind to each other. As we can see, the well-being of each is the priority of the other

12. This dog was an archaeologist in another life

13. The flexibility of this dog is confusing

14. The important thing is to find your ease

15. Under the questioning gaze of her friend Pitbull, this bitch tries to exit through the small door after locking herself in the basement.

16. He finally managed to catch his cock

17. The dog who spied on the whole neighborhood without a hint of discretion

18. When you’ve taken a few fitness classes in the past

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19. An Australian Shepherd who works on his elegance

20. This dog prefers to eat the skin of fruit, without the fruit.


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